Ori and the Will of the Wisps for Xbox

Ori and the Will of the Wisps for Xbox

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a platform-adventure Metroidvania video game developed by Moon Studios and published by Xbox Game Studios for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Players assume control of Ori, a white guardian spirit. To progress through the game, players are tasked with moving between various platforms and solving intricate puzzles. 

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The voice of the Spirit Tree in the forest of Niwen narrates a story that takes place immediately after the events of Blind Forest. Kuro’s last egg hatches, giving birth to Ku. Ku is born with a damaged wing, rendering her unable to fly before Gumo affixes Kuro’s feather to her wing. Ku and Ori go off on a flight, eventually taking themselves to Niwen, where a storm causes Ori and Ku to be separated. 

Ori’s search for Ku eventually leads them to Kwolok, a toad who looked over the Inkwater Marsh and he asks Ori to set The Wellspring’s wheels in motion, clearing Niwen’s water and allowing Ori to enter the Silent Woods, the graveyard of owls where Ku had fallen. Kwolok also gives Ori a wisp, the Voice of the Forest, to guide them on their journey. At the same time that Ori enters The Wellspring, Naru and Gumo, realizing where Ori and Ku are, head off to Niwen via a raft, desperate to rejoin with them. Ori clears the water and finds Ku with them having a brief encounter with Shriek, a deformed owl who was an orphan on birth and rejected by the rest of her kind. Ori and Ku attempt to escape the Silent Woods and Shriek, but she intervenes and kills Ku.

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