4: How can this number change young hearts and minds?

4: How can this number change young hearts and minds?

4: How can this number change young hearts and minds? 

We’ve done the sums: £4 is the cost of one pupil receiving our workshop. 

That’s to say, considering all our running costs from salaries to keeping the lights on, a single donation of £4 means we can extend our services to one pupil in the UK. 

The potential of this small sum is phenomenal.  

It can begin the journey of opening a young mind to championing equality safely outside a home which berates difference, embed confidence in a concerned Year 10 pupil unsure of how to support a classmate struggling with their gender identity, encourage standing in solidarity with a Year 5 pupil being bullied and isolated by their classmates because they have two mums and much more. 

Our new campaign, simply known as ‘4’, raises awareness of the impact a small regular donation of at least £4 can have on embedding empathy and inclusion in the next generation. 

Throughout the coming months we will give power and strength to the number 4 in a themed content series, encouraging our volunteers and supporters, old and new, to become regular donors and realise how a contribution triggers a seismic shift in a generation’s acceptance of LGBT+ people. 

Expect to hear role model stories and pupil voices from the classroom, watch exclusive one-to-one’s with the team who make our mission possible, read impact reports and enter prize draws. 

It’s important to note how much we value and are so grateful to our volunteers and supporters, including those who already donate to us, for giving us their support in any way they can. 

We need your donations to help us reach the next 100,000 pupils and giving power to ‘4’ is where we begin. 

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