100 Humans: the new social experiment

100 Humans: the new social experiment

Netflix are releasing a new social experiment called “100 Humans“. The show is all about asking tough questions to examine popular myths to try and work out if they’re true.

The 100 humans are invited to take part in experiments to find out the answers to some of the world’s most asked questions.

Along the way, viewers get to know some of those involved as well as the hosts taking viewers on the journey.

However, some fans have wondered who exactly the hilarious presenters of the new series actually are.

In my point of view this show is particularly funny and really enjoyable. I love the practical tests. I recommend the episode n. 3: what sex is better? I was laughing for all episode long…

Episode n. 4 is also funny: what is the connection between your social life and your aspect? What is White bias? There is an interesting experiment with 6 people that are formed 3 couples: the 100 humans can ask some questions to each person and then they have to decide who is in relation with who. Only 1 of the 100 humans find out the right couples (2 gays and 1 straight).

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