Southwark News offering free advertising to local businesses

Southwark News will give any family-run or independent business free digital advertising during this crisis.

For any independent or family-run business in the four boroughs of south east London that we cover – Southwark, Greenwich, Lewisham and Lambeth – we’re going to pay our brilliant designers Dan and Aurelio to create an online advert for you, which we’ll run for a month at no cost.

We have 200,000 local people who look at our sites each month, with some 700,000 page views. We hope that many of you will ask us to do this, and we’ll do our very best to get every one of you on.

And if you’re an independent business in our manor, tell us what you’re doing to keep the doors open, or what you’re doing to help people in our community – we’ll promote it for free, online and through our social media channels to tens of thousands of followers.

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